MORAVIAN 115– This is a proprietary variety of Malting Barley exclusive to use in contracts with Miller-Coors. Moravian 115 is a high yielding, high malting quality barley well suited for irrigated ground. It is short in stature and as such is resistant to lodging and leaves minimal stubble and residue as a result.

AC METCALFE– A malting barley from the SeCan out of Canada. Metcalfe is a 2-row barley that has been used in a lot of open contract ground on both irrigated and dryland acres. Metcalfe shows good test weight, kernel plumpness and overall yield. Metcalfe is a moderate height variety with good tolerance to lodging and good loose smut resistance.

HOCKETT-A two row malting barley from the Montana State University breeding program. Hockett is best suited for dryland acres because of its susceptibility to lodging. Hockett is a good option for open/uncontracted acres because of its ability to be sold into the feed market if malt quality grain is not achieved.

STOCKFORD– A two row proprietary hay barley. Stockford, as a hay barley is an awnless high forage yielding variety. It has been our top selling hay barley for a good part of the last decade. Stockford consistently produces high yielding forage with great feed value. Stockford generally has a lower nitrate content than other hay barleys as well.

HAYBET– A public two row hay barley. Haybet has been one of our longest standing hay barley varieties because of it’s good forage production and general toughness under dryland conditions. As with most hay barley varieties, Haybet is susceptible to loose smut and the seed should be treated with a fungicide.

HAXBY– This is a two row awned barley for feed use out of the Montana State University breeding program. Haxby has been a consistenly good yielder on dryland acres that holds up good test weight and plump. It has also shown good and consistent protein levels. Although feed barley’s are generally not grown under irrigation, Haxby will still yield well under high moisture situations.