Is the first Wheat Stem Sawfly tolerant Clearfield Plus Spring wheat in Montana. This recently released Hard Red Spring variety combines a solid stem with medium- early maturity for very good Yield and Protein potential. *PVP protected variety


Combines excellent yield potential with the highest rating for tolerance to Wheat Stem Sawfly due to a relative non – preference characteristic. This Hard Red Spring variety also delivers excellent Test Weight and very good protein potential. *PVP protected variety


A high yielding hollow stemmed Clearfield Plus Spring wheat for Montana. Because of it’s shorter stature, we recommend Jedd on irrigated acres because of it’s standability and yield potential. Jedd presents high test weight and good shatter resistance. *PVP protected variety


Released by MSU in 2005, Vida is a high yielding Hard Red Spring Wheat. Showing high yield potential and good milling and baking quality, Vida is one of the top selling Spring Wheats in Montana. Vida shows moderate resistance to leaf & stripe rust. *PVP protected variety


A Hard Red Spring Wheat offered from the Agri-Pro line of breeding. Tyra is a semi-solid wheat offering excellent yield potential mixed with tolerance to the wheat stem sawfly. Tyra also has excellent standability and good resistance to stem rust. *PVP protected variety


A MSU variety, Choteau has been a heavily seeded variety due to its solid stem nature. Choteau rates 21 on the stem solidness scale, with 25 being the highest. Choteau is a semi-dwarf variety with average yield potential and good resistance to stem rust. *PVP protected variety


A Hard Red Spring wheat released by NDSU in 1966, Fortuna has stood the test of time. Fortuna is a solid stemmed, awnless wheat with average yield, good protein and good milling and baking qualities.