Sainfoin is a forage plant belonging in the legume family. Sainfoin is somewhat similar to alfalfa in stature. It produces an attractive pinkish/purple flower and has a different leaf shape than alfalfa though. One of the major advantages to Sainfoin is its non-bloating nature to cattle when grazed. Sainfoin is also a little more tolerant than Alfalfa to early season Glyphosate applications. Sainfoin prefers well drained soil and should be planted at a rate of 25# plus on dryland and 35# and up on irrigated acres. Inoculant should also be applied to the seed, but the strain of bacteria used requires that the inoculants be applied no longer than 24 hours previous to planting. The most common varieties are Eski, Remont, Shoshone and Delaney.